3D printable scenery

Just one simple question? Who of us hasn´t been a fan of LEGO in early childhood? And there is a good reason for it. Compared to LEGO, it was so easy to get bored by other toys, as they did not let us be as creative as with those toy building blocks which let us create new worlds so easily. You could almost create everything you could imagine – and actually this is what our heart today is still beating for when we craft terrain pieces to illustrate our RPG and wargaming worlds, right? For some time our crafting tool repertoire been extended by FDM and SLA 3D printing machines, which open up a fully new dimension to hobbyists and designers out there. And this is where Awake Arts comes into play.

Originally starting with plaster and resin casting molds, in 2019 we began to convert all of our original mold parts into 3D printable STL terrain sets and decided to obtain a OpenLOCK BSD license, because we think it is the best terrain interlocking system available on the market. Now, proudly we offer all of our original sets as 3D printable parts and we are working hard on expanding our 3D printable product range by new terrain sets.

Furthermore Awake Arts is developing a big variety of prop sets and scatter terrain STLs for Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic and Modern settings- This range is being expanded day by day.
Also we offer our sets to B2B customers in license form for 3D printing and selling physical models. Check them out!
OpenLOCK can be downloaded directly at Printable Scenery or on Thingiverse and is published under Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license.
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