About Awake Arts


Who are we?
Awake Arts is a game design studio based in the northern German city of Bremen and committed to the creation of cool stuff for tabletop roleplay game 3D printing - especially in fantasy and cyberpunk. With our artistic work approach we awaken your creativity and help you to bring your ideas to life!
What are we doing?
Exactly like you, we are delighted gamers, terrain creators, cosplayers and collectors. Our vision and ambition is to offer unique products to support you in exactly those hobbies. We structure our work into different fields of activity:
  • Printable STL 3D-model-packs for tabletops and tabletop RPGs
  • 3d prints of our models
Where do we come from?
Founder and game set director (as well as artist) of Awake Arts, Sebastian Wünsche Ngan is in touch with RPG-, board- and computer games since early childhood and always loved to create new worlds, characters and stories. After a longer gaming break during adolescence he visited a small tabletop fair closeby and was amazed, being confronted with all the old feelings about world creation. He immediately revert to tabletop board gaming and after a few years he switched to complex tabletop role playing and dungeon crawling games like Hero Quest and Dungeons & Dragons. Also he started to get deeply into the acts of drawing, painting and digital modeling, to be able to express his gaming visions. During that period he collected and painted a lot of miniatures and tried out several new RPG-systems, but the market did not always provide the stuff he really wanted to have on his table. During some longterm backpacking trips, he had his personal mental awakening and enthusiastically began to do professionally what he loves by founding Awake Arts. Being a culture and landscape, as well as history and story lover, his original ideas, final pieces and his direction throughout the company are highly influenced by his frequently made travel experiences and of course other authors and artists - Hironobu Sakaguchi (Japan), J.R.R. Tolkien (* South Africa), George R.R. Martin (USA) Rola Chang (Taiwan), Yoshitaka Amano (Japan), Bruce Hirst (USA), H.R. Giger (Switzerland), Ridley Scott (UK), Peter Jackson (New Zealand), James Gurney (USA), William Gibson (USA) and Masamune Shirow (Japan) just to name a few.

And now we do not want to bore you and prevent you from being creative and wish you a great time with our products!

Your Awake Arts team

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