The Worldcast Molds Approach

Worldcast silicon molds

Just one simple question? Who of us hasn´t been a fan of LEGO in early childhood? And there is a good reason for it. Compared to LEGO, it was so easy to get bored by other toys quickly, as they did not let us be as creative as with those highly fragmented toy building blocks. You could almost create everything you could imagine – and actually this is what our heart today is still beating for when we begin to build terrain pieces, right?

Loving the charm of plaster casting into silicon molds, in 2012 we began to design a terrain building system which can easily be extended with new pieces. The idea of Worldcast molds was born. For creating your unique and individual terrain we support you with high quality casting molds. Our designs are highly fragmented and pin-less to let you freely combine your casts. Build your terrain in good old LEGO tradition – free, individual and creative!

Furthermore we think that 80´s handmade charm is lovely and nice, but with today´s technology a huge jump in detail and quality is actually possible. All of our original master parts the molds are made of are carefully modelled in high resolution 3D. You will notice quickly how awesome, detailed and qualitative they look compared to other systems. Quality made in Germany is not simply a term and at Awake Arts we are proud to follow this old tradition.


Worldcast molds is a complex dungeon and world building silicon mold system designed for plaster or resin casting. It is tailored to build threedimensional and square-based gaming terrain for your RPGs- and/or other adventure games. Consciously we don´t want to serve you with click and setup solutions like other manufacturers. We want you to be as flexible and individual as possible in your terrain modelling process, relating our work to other great classical modelling setups like Hirstarts. Simply spoken: The LEGO-approach. It is just so much more fun to go the “handicraft yourself and be proud”-approach than using completely predesigned settings. By using Worldcast molds you can enjoy a lot of advantages compared to other more predetermined systems or extremely basic terrain options, like cardboard solutions:

  • Use it in connection with other systems. You own parts or molds of other manufacturers and don´t want to abandon that stuff or still like it so much? No problem! Because of its 1x1"-tile structure, Worldcast is compatible to a lot of other sets using the same tile scale like e.g. Dwarvenforge pieces or Hirst-Arts molds. Actually most of our pieces are designed to fit existing sets and scales (1"; 1/2"; 1/4" steppings). As we own a couple of those molds ourselves, we intended to design our pieces this way. Using different systems parallel opens up almost boundless possibilities! With our molds you can create missing terrain pieces which are not provided by other systems. Worldcast´s scale fits 25-28mm gaming standards.

We recommend especially Hirstarts molds to be used with our system.

  • Completely modular with swinging doors. You can arrange the parts in any way you like, without having problems regarding misfits. And here comes the great news for users of all other systems: First, did you ever want and try to create a double sided wall element (e.g. You want to build an outer frame for your tavern. To get it really well done you need double sided wall elements that show a tavern on the inside and a stone wall on the outside)? Difficult with other systems, except you build walls with doubled thickness and weird gaps in between. Worldcast partly uses a single sided wall system. This way you can combine different wall designs to create double sided walls. Second, we use a new approach to integrate swinging and interconvertible doors into our terrain pieces. Generally, our doors are designed to fit all the pieces of our system as well as the systems of other manufacturers. Our design is based on the idea to use neodym magnets for swinging and interconvertible doors within a dungeon or any other individually constructed model building. The "projects"-area on this website contains more information about how this idea actually works. You can buy fitting magnets in our online shop for a very cheap price.
  • Highly detailed and atmospheric. Our models are designed and created by high resolution 3D-modeling and industrial quality SLA printing. For this reason, our pieces are very detailed and atmospheric.
  • A great realistic experience. There are huge atmospheric differences between a sketch on a piece of paper, paperboard dungeons and a massive threedimensional dungeon setup. Don´t content yourself with inferior solutions - live your hobby! Your hobby adventurers will definitely thank you for your efforts and you will hear one wow! and uhh! after another!
  • Infinite possibilities. We plan to release a lot of different sets for outdoor and indoor scenery, as well as multi-level components in the future. Because of Worldcast´s fragmented and clear structure, we can chip in new components quickly for each scenery set. And here you come into play! Tell us what you ever wanted to have in your dungeon and we´ll see what we can do.
  • Easy and cheap reproduction of any piece within minutes. You don´t have to buy expensive segment sets over and over again. Just buy a mold and you can reproduce as many pieces of it as you like.
  • Casting sets and single pieces. Some other systems are only available in big and expensive sets. If you use Worldcast, of course you can cast whole sets too, but everyone knows the common problem: I only need two further walls. Why should I buy an expensive set for that? With Worldcast these thoughts are past. Just cast the missing parts without buying a lot of stuff in addition which you don´t need.
  • Compatible with our OpenLOCK sets. The mold pieces are the same scale like our OpenLOCK conversions. So you can use both in a system.





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