Asian setting of Shouri Thaan

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Shouri Thaan is a region of Asian style architecture. Many races have settled down in this place, originally populated by elves.

I this set you will find a collection of in total 19 stl files to build your unique Asian style setting. Multistorey construction is possible.

To build doors: Print a doorframe and a door. Remove the supports inside the frame (very easy), press the door into the doorframe and connect both by putting a piece of filament through the prepared holes.

Pictures show example builds made from our original casting molds. The files inside this pack give you the same options. Miniatures on the pictures are not included and only decoration exaples. The set is fully OpenLOCK compatible.

Please download the OpenLOCK clips at the official pages for free:

Printing suggestion:

0.2mm / 15%-20% infill / no supports needed

Open drop down