Eddie´s Gin Palace - Tavern and Dungeon

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Eddie´s Gin Palace is a family run business for hundreds of years already. People say, the owners run illegal gambling in the basement.

I this set you will find a huge collection of in total 86 stl files to build your unique tavern, dungeons or even a mixture of both. Multistorey construction is possible. The set includes double sided walls, too (dungeon outside/tavern inside). You will also find 12 doorframe variations and 3 different door types (wooden door, secret door and jail door).

To build doors: Print a doorframe and a door. Remove the supports inside the frame (very easy), press the door into the doorframe and connect both by putting a piece of filament through the prepared holes.

Pictures show example builds. Miniatures on the pictures are not included and only decoration exaples. The set is fully OpenLOCK compatible.

Please download the OpenLOCK clips at the official pages for free:



Printing suggestion:

0.2mm / 15%-20% infill / no supports needed

Open drop down