Mines of Kharr

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The mines of Kharr are abandoned for a long while already. The villagers around say, some deformed creatures dwell in the dark since then.

With this set you will be able to set up a scary mine for your adventures! The set includes everything you need, including floor tiles (tiled 1x1 inch for RPGs), walls, stackable walls, tunnel walls, broken rails, rail tiles, doorframe and doors and pieces to construct mine carts. In total 29 stl files, fully OpenLOCK compatible. Miniatures and terrain pieces on the pictures are just decoration and don´t belong to the set. The set is fully OpenLOCK compatible.

Please download the OpenLOCK clips at the official pages for free:



Printing suggestion: 0,2mm / 15-20% infill / no supports needed

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