The Sulphur Planes of the Netherrealm

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The Sulphur Planes of the Netherrealm are called the gates of hell by many. Boiling mud, sharp smells, acidic lakes, hot geysirs and alkalic sinkholes mark them clearly.

In this set you will find a lot of files to create a volcano and hot springs style terrain. You will files to create acidic lakes and boiling mud lakes fully scalable. Smaller sinkholes of both styles are also available or you to print. Round up your terrain with geysirs and dried out sulphur corroded planes. The set contains untiled and 1"-tiled  terrain versions, depending on if you want to just build terrain or use it for your favorite RPG. In total you can enjoy printing 34 files.

Printing suggestion: 0.2mm / 15% infill / no supports

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